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Rachmaninov Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op.43
Chautauqua Music Festival New York July 8th 2002
XI International Tchaikovsky Competition Moscow Russia 1998
Bach Prelude and Fugue in E Minor (from WTC book two)
Beethoven Sonata Op 31/3 (first movement)
Tchaikovksy August "Harvest" (The Seasons)
Chopin Etude Op 10 No 5
Liszt La Campanella (from Transcendental Etudes After Paganini)
Sergei Bortkiewicz Preludes Op.40
Live Performance from Kansas Public Radio 91.5
Brahms Piano Quintet in F Minor
Kairy Koshoeva (piano) Susan Goldenberg (violin) Ziva Patt (violin) Erin White (viola) Sascha Groschang (cello), Grace and Holly Trinity Cathedral Kansas City April 2005
Dvorak Piano Quintet in A Major op.81
Grace and Holly Trinity Cathedral Kansas City April 2005 Susan Goldenberg (violin) Ziva Patt-Rappaport (violin) Erin White (viola) Sascha Groschang (cello) Kairy Koshoeva (piano)
Rachmaninov Concerto No 3 in D Minor Op 30,1 Mvt.
Rachmanininoff Third Concerto 1Movement Allegro ma non tanto Kairy Koshoeva soloist Dimitri Levkovich second piano
Cesar Franck Franck Sonata in A for flute and piano/second movement
Sophia Tegart (flute) Kairy Koshoeva (piano)
Rachmaninov Vocalise arr. for duet by Michael Burshtin( excerpt from facultyrecital) February 2018 Princeton, NJ
Marvin Blickenstaff Kairy Koshoeva(duet)
Excerpt from faculty recital. Dr.Charl Louw and Dr.Kairy Koshoeva (duet) Princeton, NJ. April 2018
My student Shiva playing Tarantella by Chopin Princeton NJ- June 2017